Find Relief


 Relief from Anxiety and Stress

Even though anxiety and stress may be common, they may be overwhelming and interfere with your quality of life. I help you find relief from this distress .


Mitigate Divorce & Separation Anxiety

Specialized divorce counselling, therapy, and coaching, help mitigate your anxiety during this emotional life transition. Through the healing process, you find your voice, make healthy decision and gain control over your life.


 Recover From Grief and Loss

Loss and grief are difficult to bear. Through compassion and guidance, I help in your recovery from the pain of the loss, and I help you find peace in your heart.


Sony Baron

believes that inside each of you there is a True Self or Creative Spirit that is free of fears, worries or anxiety. This True Self is not bound by negative thoughts or by emotions, but is the blueprint and embodiment of all that you can be as a divine being. Science is catching up to what indigenous healers have known for centuries: Thoughts and emotions are energy with the power to create and affect. Indeed thoughts and emotions are part of our human experience, but when you connect with your True Self, they no longer have power over you. Helping you live from your spirit is Sony’s privilege, and for that she is grateful.

Sony’s Four Step Counselling Process:

1. Locate the source 2. Identify the current impact 3. Explore the rooted emotion

4. Shift you to control and direct

Free Guide For Loss

Download the Free Guide for Loss, Here.

“Thank you so much! you certainly have the gift of helping, healing, and growing… ” — Client, Vancouver

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